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hello, my name is Enrico Ronco, I am with telecom Italia. I have been following the debate on cloud computing standardization. I got in contact with Bob Marcus and could see slides of mach and July summits on Cloud Computing standardization. I am trying to work on a “positioning slide” in which I would like to show the role that the standards on CC could play in a “mid term future”. A slide is “just a slide” and the context is quite complex. But I hope some messages can come across. I would like to share this slide (showed below) with the community, in order to get feedbacks in order to enhance it and improve it. my vision is that it should communicate value of CC standardization to executives and managers who are not super-techies. A Do you agree with it? Still not clear to me at 100 if some overlaps may exist amongst DMTF, SNIA and OGF APIs to specify.

I would really appreciate your comments and possible improvements indications.

here is the slide.

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