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Cloud Standard

1. The name of the specification

<Insert name of standard here>

2. A short statement (<100 words) of the purpose and function of the specification

<insert a paragraph summary>

3. The version number (or other distinct identifier) and date of the most recently approved version of the specification.

<Version number and short description of what was added in this version>

4. If the specification is part of a group of explicitly related specifications from the same source, the name of the group of specifications.

<Name of group or related specs>

5. URI for the normative text of the specification

<Direct URL to a downloadable or viewable version>


6. The name of the SDO that generated/authored/hosted the specification.

<Organization Name>

7. URI for the SDO


8. The level of approval that the SDO has conferred on the specification as described by the SDO’s process.

<Level, short description of what that means?>

9. The language or languages in which the specification is available.

<such as US English >


10. Which of the categories of Cloud services does the standard address? (Infrastructure as a Service – IaaS, Data Storage as a Service – DaaS, Platform as a Service – PaaS, Software as a Service – SaaS)

<list of types addressed>

11. Does the standard address both functional and management aspects of the service?

<briefly describe>


12. The level of approval of the specification in this generic lifecycle taxonomy:

  • Proposed work
  • Contributions received
  • Preliminary SDO draft
  • Initial public review
  • Final approval
  • Product availability
  • End-of-life (superseded, withdrawn, etc.)

13. URI for the applicable SDO’s patent and copyright rules, if any, applicable to development and use of the specification.

<policy URL>

14. URI for the SDO’s posting location, (if any) for notices from participants or individuals regarding claims under the rules stated under number 15.

<disclosures URL>

15. Interoperability, conformance, or certification test activity for the specification (by owner name or URI).

16. Known implementations of the specification (by owner name or URI).

<URL of public list if available>

17. A list (or URI pointer to same) of the other specifications* that are normatively referenced in the specification.

18. A list (or URI pointer to same) of the other specifications* that are referenced in the specification (except the ones listed under number 17).

19. A list (or URI pointer to same) of other specifications* with which the specification may (speculatively) interoperate or act in complementary, compatible fashion.

20. A list (or URI pointer to same) of other specifications* similar to this specification. (Whether or not substitutable.)

‘Please identify whether this reference specification is within an SDO member organizations or not and its current level of approval.

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